Summary: Going from anxious to secure attachment style in relationships

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Query: Looking for licensed mental health professionals to discuss how to make the transition from an anxious attachment style to a secure attachment style in (romantic) relationships. What are some good ways to form healthier connections and overcome the downsides of an anxious attachment style? Any insights or suggestions as well as other helpful information is welcome.

Summary: Psychologist quote on dealing with bug infestation

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Query: I’m looking for psychologists or mental health experts who can shed some light on how someone might experience trauma/fear when dealing with bed bugs. It’s not just a logistical issue, after all. It can be really anxiety-producing. How can patients better cope with this situation, particularly if they’re traveling abroad (like in Paris, where there are currently many bed bugs)? Please do respond here or via email with a few thoughts [email protected] and I will respond to you.

Requirements: Mental health experts, psychologists, LCSW, etc. Thank you

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