Summary: Can someone living with NPD change?

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Query: Hi everyone! I have a pretty classic piece on narcissistic personality disorder coming up. I’m looking for quotes on:

  1. Can someone living with NPD change? How might therapy help?
  2. What are some signs someone living with NPD is open to change?
  3. What are the treatment strategies for NPD?
  4. What are some actionable tips to help support someone living with NPD seeking to change their behaviors?

As always, I need a link to your professional bio page on a private practice site, commercial employer, or academia. I can’t use bios from general internet directories or competitor content sites. I do prioritize submissions with the answers already provided in the reply, and I usually use 2-3 experts in each article. If you’d like to learn more about me and what I write, you can visit my author pages:


Requirements: Mental health professionals, please. Also, please note that if I select your quotes you’ll receive an email from me directly. Thank you!

Summary: Mental Health and Technology

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Query: I am writing an article on “Mental Health and Technology: Exploring the Connections” and seek expert insights. I am interested in quotes on the recommendations of digital tools like mental wellness apps, fitness apps, and teletherapy platforms. Your valuable insights will enhance the article and benefit the readers greatly.

Requirements: Mental health professionals and experts in the matter. Be sure to provide your full name, organization name, and the URL of your organization’s website.

Summary: Expert to comment on Inferiority Complex

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Query: I am updating an article for Everyday Health on inferiority complex/low self-esteem. Need to talk to psychotherapists who can offer insight into why and how feelings of inferiority develop.

Requirements: Licensed mental health providers only

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