In the past two decades, the internet and social media have fundamentally altered therapy. On the one hand, patients now have more access to knowledge that will help them with their treatment. Additionally, thanks to tools like blog posts and e-books, therapists now have more options to assist their patients.

However, therapists must exercise considerable caution while managing their online reputation.

Building a successful healthcare-based business involves adherence to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which protects patients’ sensitive data (HIPAA).

In order to abide by laws like HIPAA, it is imperative to protect doctor-patient confidentiality in all discussions, especially email which is a frequently used form of communication between therapists and their patients. Thankfully, therapists can use a variety of HIPAA-compliant email platforms.

We have listed below are what we feel are some of the best HIPAA compliant service providers in the industry:


For individuals who are more tech-savvy and who require a complete set of compliance solutions for their office, HIPAA Vault is a terrific choice. The simple fee schedule begins at $12 per user, each month. The business is renowned for providing exceptional customer service.

HIPAA Vault also offers options for data and file storage and works seamlessly with Outlook and Gmail (via a G Suite account). Additionally, it provides training and resources for cybersecurity.


Aspida Mail is committed to providing businesses with compliant technological solutions that enable them to comply with healthcare laws. Numerous applications, including Outlook, Google Apps for Business, and Windows Live Mail, are compatible with the company’s HIPAA-compliant email system. Additionally, Aspida Mail provides enterprise-level firewall security and disaster recovery.


MailHippo puts an emphasis on accessibility and affordability. You wouldn’t have to spend as much time learning yet another tool because it has a simple, unadorned interface.

With MailHippo, you may send and receive encrypted messages without directly interacting with your email provider. This is a novel approach to email security. According to the business, the service is compatible with any email provider or address. Pricing for users begins at $5.


Healthcare is one of several areas that Mimecast, a cybersecurity company, provides solutions for. The organization’s HIPAA-compliant email solution features encrypted mail communications, ransomware infection avoidance, and email outage elimination. Mimecast also provides awareness training, archiving, risk management, and compliance.


Egress is an expert in several facets of email security. The business helps healthcare organizations send emails and attachments that are HIPAA-compliant and measures and quantifies the risk of a HIPAA breach using contextual machine learning. Content and recipient domain analysis, message-level encryption, in-depth data search, and other features are all included in Egress’ intelligent email security solution.


A healthcare IT company, MaxMD, offers a range of security solutions. Access control, encryption and decryption, audit controls, entity authentication, and transmission security are some of their HIPAA technological precautions. MaxMD also provides patient direct messaging, an intelligent event notification service, a hub for clinical message integration, and other services.


Paubox concentrates on larger establishments. It maintains the highest level of security and charges a little bit extra as a result.

Pricing for users begins at $29 per month, payable yearly. Paubox is a good choice for startups because it also provides marketing services and access to its API.


A secure communications company that specializes in email encryption. NeoCertified provides an email service that complies with HIPAA and includes transmission security, person or entity authentication, and access and audit controls. The technology of NeoCertified is compatible with Office 365, Microsoft Edge, Outlook Mail, and Gmail.


PBHS specializes in offering digital marketing services to medical professionals, also hosts the SecureMail email platform, which complies with HIPAA. Patients and medical professionals can send and receive emails with PHI content using the email service. Users can use any smart device to use the service, securely interact, and share digital photos and documents.


The Swiss CERN laboratory’s researchers and engineers founded ProtonMail, which offers a number of encrypted email services. They use end-to-end encryption, account owner authentication, automatic virus detection, and other measures in their HIPAA-specific email security solution. Additionally, ProtonMail offers other IT security services including email that complies with GDPR.


A variety of privacy solutions are available from Virtru. Third-party access prevention, sensitive data protection, and email and attachment access auditing are all features of its end-to-end email encryption service. The HIPAA-compliant email from Virtru is made to integrate with an organization’s current infrastructure and offers continuous PHI and medical record security as well as comprehensive audit trails.

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