Website builders and content management systems, which are the most widely used of these tools, have ushered in a new era of web design. You can create a website without hiring a web developer or designer because these tools don’t require you to know how to code or even to do it. Websites have proliferated as a result of this. 1.8 billion websites have been built since the year 2000.

Most of the top website builder services provide drag-and-drop options that make the process simple and eliminate the need for a website design service(opens in new tab) or qualified website developer, making the process quick.

A website builder does more than just speed up the coding process; most offer a vast library of templates from which you may choose the design of your website.

It’s important to decide whether you want to build a portfolio website, an e-commerce platform, a blogging site, or another kind of online platform before you begin.


WordPress offers a wide range of functionality, themes, and plugins created especially for blogging because it was first developed as a blogging platform. This includes integrated social media, sharing functionality, built-in SEO, and website statistics.

The functionality of a self-hosted solution with the simplicity of a hosted solution are combined in The Business tier of allows you to install plugins, upload your own custom theme, and select your own hosting company while also taking care of site upgrades, security, and performance. This frees you up from having to worry about the technical components of maintaining a website so that you can concentrate on developing engaging content and user experiences.


Wix gives you three choices for altering the appearance of your website. Wix offers over 500 pre-designed templates that you can select from and then change using its drag and drop editor. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can start fresh. Alternately, you can provide some information, and Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) will create a custom website for you. You can alter the language, layout, and design, add new features, and make any other modifications you require. It will already have personalized text and graphics.

The range of pricing options Wix provides, starting with its free edition, is another advantage. Additionally, there is a premium version with different tiers for people, companies, and online retailers so you may pick a plan that suits your needs.


Squarespace is one of the most powerful website builders on the market. It offers a vast selection of out-of-the-box features, including audio files support, newsletter signup forms, and more. It also provides blocks for integrating with popular apps, including ChowNow, MailChimp, and Open Table.

Using its LayoutEngine and Content Block system, you can create custom content types and complex multi-column layouts. You can install more than one template on your website and work on multiple designs at once. You can also add custom CSS to any template design using the built-in CSS editor.


Over the years, Shopify has continued to enhance its core services with cutting-edge capabilities. For instance, it introduced Shopify Payments, its own credit card processor, in 2013 to eliminate the need for store owners to buy and set up third-party interfaces with Paypal or Braintree. Additionally, it launched Shopify Pay and Multi-Currency so that customers could pay using their local currencies and save their payment information across Shopify sites for a quicker checkout.

Its app store has also kept expanding at the same time. By doing this, the Shopify editor and unneeded bloat are kept out of the core. With more than 5,000 apps available, Shopify vastly outperforms WooCommerce and its rivals.


Ucraft makes getting started as simple as possible. Although you can begin with a blank canvas, it’s preferable to choose a template from the category that corresponds to your specialization (like agency or fashion). Since these themes are totally responsive, they will instantly resize to fit the screens of smartphones and tablets. Ucraft can save you a ton of time because you don’t need to modify your layouts specifically for mobile.


Anyone can quickly and easily construct a website with Strikingly’s drag-and-drop editor, mobile-optimized designs, and simple image editing tools.

More customization choices are available in its editor than on Carrd or other one-page website builders. Along with numerous other applications, Strikingly also supports PayPal and Pinterest. These apps can be embedded similarly to how a WordPress plugin is set up. For instance, embedding a Pinterest board only requires four simple actions.


Odoo offers a distinctive method for creating websites. Start with the website app and add others afterwards, such as the main e-commerce app, events, and email marketing. There are countless apps available, allowing you to keep improving the functionality of your site as it expands.

A single database can be used to power several websites, each with their own own branding, theme, and domain name.


The variety of services Chubb provides to businesses is what distinguishes it as a dominant player in the insurance sector. Whether it be liability plans, property coverage, or speciality products like product recall and railroad or marine insurance, it has policies to meet the needs of any business.

Chubb provides the general, professional, management, and medical liability insurance products that companies of all sizes may require. The reason Chubb is our top pick for the finest provider of commercial liability insurance for small businesses is due to this, as well as the simplicity of its claims procedure and wide range of other commercial solutions.


The Hartford is an insurance provider with its main office in Hartford, Connecticut. The company is unique in the small-business market for its adaptable, customisable business owner’s policy.

A business owner’s policy from The Hartford provides business interruption insurance, unlike many other insurers that just offer general liability and property coverage. Because business interruption insurance often covers lost income during a natural disaster or forced closure, this can be a significant advantage. Further streamlining your business insurance is possible by adding professional liability and coverage for data breaches.


If you want a website you can create and maintain yourself, Zyro (pronounced like zero) is the ideal affordable option. There are just a few very good website builders, and this is the cheapest one that doesn’t skimp on quality.

No need to work with a developer. WordPress and HTML are not required of you. You can navigate to a beautiful website by dragging, dropping, and clicking. In addition, you will spend less than similar services by hundreds of dollars annually.

Zyro should be at the top of your list if you are a freelancer or own a small firm that only needs a website. Does not have as many features as other website builder competitors, but it costs far less and is just as simple to use.


Jimdo’s two distinct design modes set it apart from other platforms. The “Creator” mode is available for those who would like more control over the layout of their website. With the drag-and-drop editor, you may edit pre-built templates in this mode just like with any other website builder.

The “Dolphin” mode is an option for those who prefer to automate the majority of the design process. In this mode, Jimdo quickly creates a simple website for you using information from your Google and Facebook accounts and your responses to a few simple questions. Less than three minutes are needed to complete the process.


Carrd has the benefit of being exclusively made for one-page websites. This implies that Carrd’s interface, features, and themes have all been tailored specifically for that objective. Consider the scenario when you wish to update your website. The modification options will show up on the right side of the screen once you click the title or another element. This greatly simplifies the editing process.

Additionally, it’s significantly less expensive than other website builders available on the market because you’re not paying for extra features and services you don’t require.

Google Sites

The use of Google Sites is quite simple. In truth, the method is identical to other website builders and you can create a site from scratch in just six steps. Starting with a template, you may then use the right-hand sidebar to add layouts, text, photos, and videos.

The collaborative features included in Google Sites are a distinct advantage. Your site is automatically stored to your Drive after you build it, where you can invite others to view and edit it. Because of this, this platform is well-liked by groups and small businesses who want to develop and oversee web projects jointly.


From hosting to design tools to analytics, among other essential features, Weebly has all you need to get going. Unsure of the best ways to photograph your goods? The Square Photo Studio will take photos of your products based on best practices when you ship them there.

Want to alter a template in great detail? In your dashboard, you may change the HTML and CSS for your website using Weebly’s built-in code editor. Given that Weebly has a smaller range of templates than some of its rivals, this is a great tool.


Duda provides a variety of features for getting user feedback, protecting your websites, and speeding up publishing. You may instantly access a website’s source code by switching to Developer mode, import pre-existing material from numerous websites or any organized dataset right into a template, and engage with other users through site comments. Additionally, you can construct dynamic pages based on a single design and utilize widgets created with Duda’s widget builder across the websites of several clients.

With the help of all of these features, you may collaborate on a website with various stakeholders and deploy it more quickly.

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