Businesses have a flexible option other than hiring a full-time PA in the form of virtual assistants. Businesses generally hire virtual assistants on a monthly package basis, only paying for time that is actually used. They are therefore a more affordable option, which has contributed to the popularity of remote working.

Virtual assistants frequently help several clients at once. Businesses can save on average 50% more by using weekly reporting and just paying for productive time than by hiring a PA. Businesses are now more aware of the advantages of adopting virtual assistants thanks to technology, which has made remote collaboration more straightforward than ever.

The Mom Project

A talent marketplace and career resource established in the United States, The Mom Project supports women in many industries who are juggling work and family obligations. They operate a general job portal that assists firms in finding qualified women to fill open positions.


Freelancers in industries including writing, graphic design, and web development can find work on Upwork. The website aids in finding projects, client communication, and payment for specialists. You can gain useful experience if you’re a new freelancer or working in a new industry without constantly needing to sell potential clients.


BELAY, a market-leading provider of 100% remote virtual staffing solutions, was founded in 2010 and has since received numerous awards for its culture and staff members’ happiness.

Task Virtual

Dedicated to offering a highly professional service with the utmost dedication and perfection, Task Virtual has done so. Today, it’s a byword for exceptional work produced by professionals who appreciate excellence, precision, and knowledge and consistently meet their deadlines. The Task Virtual team was painstakingly hand-selected and possesses the greatest levels of expertise, experience, and commitment to the task at hand. What started as a vision of providing clients all over the world with timely virtual assistance, dependable support, and excellent service standards is now a thriving reality!

Vava Virtual

A full-service virtual help company, VaVa Virtual Assistants serves clients of all sizes across the globe. Our team has experience in a range of administrative responsibilities and is prepared to take on any new work requested by our clients. We provide helpful administrative support via telecommuting at a fraction of the expense of hiring people in your office.


A UK-based virtual assistant business called Virtalent provides marketing assistance, support for PAs, and other services. The company focuses on the small business market.


The FreeUp Marketplace links company owners with the top 1% of applicants for virtual assistants, freelancers, and agencies who specialize in web development, digital marketing, and eCommerce.

Every week, the FreeUp Marketplace receives tens of thousands of applications from virtual assistants, independent contractors, and agencies. After putting these applications through an interview and verification process, the network only accepts the top 1% of applicants.

Freelancers charge set and hourly prices ranging from $5 to $75 or more for their services. Until they find the ideal fit for their business, clients can submit a Request and within hours be introduced to 1 freelancer who meets their requirements.

With an emphasis on ensuring that both parties have a positive experience, FreeUp offers 24/7 freelancer and client support.


They are a team of administrative and bookkeeping experts with US roots (specifically, Baltimore, MD) who serve solo and small business entrepreneurs.

The concept is straightforward: they can assist if you are spending too much time on back office duties for your company. They can answer your phone calls, manage your schedule, offer fantastic customer service, perform back office duties, and do your books.

Their services are tailored to allow you to delegate precisely what you want to spend your time on so that you may do other things with it.

Remote CoWorker

Working with Filipino virtual assistants helped create its foundation. The idea for Remote Co-Worker came from observing both the increase in open positions that are not filled by virtual assistants with the necessary training and experience, as well as the practice of virtual assistants applying for jobs simply because they are available.

Time etc

By matching you with a carefully chosen, seasoned executive assistant based in the U.S. or the UK, they can help you accomplish more.

They’ll help you stay focused on what matters by taking care of the tasks that waste your time.

Even better, it can be up to 90% less expensive than hiring an executive assistant full-time.

Their team includes Penni Pike, who served as Sir Richard Branson’s 32-year assistant.


A well-known and rapidly expanding company in the virtual assistant sector is MyTasker. The India-based business was established in 2012 by three seasoned VAs who brought a wealth of knowledge to the table. The Kolkata office now employs over 100 qualified VAs and has a strong reputation.


Boldly, a premium subscription staffing firm with staff members in North America and Europe, was founded in 2012. With only a simple monthly subscription, they provide highly qualified remote workers that founders and executives can rely on to represent your company and handle accountable responsibilities.


Their assistants are based in the US, the Philippines, and India, and they also have offices in the UK. Since 2015, WoodBows has been in operation. Joanna Finch created the business, and their target market consists of US and Canadian real estate agents, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurs. For part-time or full-time helpers, as well as weekly or monthly programs, WoodBows offers price options. Additionally, you have the option of hiring an assistant based in the US or the Philippines.

24/7 Virtual Assistants

They are a US-based corporation that offers online assistant services. To ensure that your duties are completed with absolute accuracy, we thoroughly check each virtual assistant’s background and provide them with the appropriate training. As you collaborate with them, you’ll realize how distinctive their value proposition is. They give you the option of working with an overseas office, a US-based virtual assistant, or both.

They presently include a professional, in-house Search Engine Optimization, Content Development, and Web Development staff in all of their programs at no extra charge! Your virtual assistant will organize the entire process if you just let them know what has to be done.

Clear Desk

At ClearDesk, they assist both small and large enterprises in leveraging amazing outsourced talent and creating remote teams at very reasonable costs.

They will handle chores with the aid of their fantastic Virtual Assistants, whether you require one assistant or an entire team of professionals to establish your virtual team.

Virtual Assist USA

They offer services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies, small enterprises, and individuals who don’t have the resources, facilities, or need to recruit a full-time employee internally.

The idea of using virtual assistants was novel, unproven, and created more concerns than it did answers when they were introduced in 2008. That period of unpredictability has long since ended. Businesses of all sorts, from one-person operations to large enterprises, strive to be quick, adaptable, and productive by utilizing the most recent technologies.


The best subscription staffing service in the world for finding remote executive assistants is Prialto.

They actually created the service.

From their Portland, Oregon headquarters, they recruit, develop, and oversee outstanding executive assistants in Asia and Central America and put them with entrepreneurs, sales teams, and executive teams all around the world.

And their annual growth rate exceeds 40%.

Virtual Staff Finder

A headhunting firm called Virtual Staff Finder specializes in finding, interviewing, and employing remote workers and virtual assistants in the Philippines on your behalf. Filipino virtual assistants are known for having a set of exceptional and distinctive skills that set them apart from other professionals in the industry.

Due to this, the Philippines rose to prominence in the outsourcing industry, particularly when it comes to supplying top-notch virtual assistants. It is how Virtual Staff Finder establishes its credibility in the sector of hiring competent Filipino virtual assistants for outsourcing.


Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Efficise is a virtual assistant and business outsourcing company. The business was established in 2012 with the intention of assisting individuals all around the world in increasing their productivity and efficiency. Since that time, Efficise has developed into one of the virtual assistant industry’s most well-known task-based businesses.


The largest marketplace for digital services in the world, Fiverr, provides a technologically optimized transactional platform for both buyers and sellers. A seller’s service on Fiverr is referred to exclusively as a “Gig,” and while launching Gigs, sellers can specify their starting pricing. By employing Gig Packages, sellers may go one step further and provide purchasers with Gig Packages. These have a wide variety of prices, and vendors can provide customers with a selection of personalized service packages. Customers can select from everything on offer in accordance with their unique needs in this way.

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