Psychologists and psychotherapists now provide services virtually, making traditional payment methods obsolete. As a result, it’s time to reconsider your payment processing options for your practice.

Fortunately, there are safe options for professionals who provide digital mental health or coaching services. Furthermore, technological payment solutions may offer enhanced protection against potential HIPAA breaches. Human error, or even bribery, turns out to be one of the most serious threats to HIPAA compliance. By removing humans from the equation, the payment  processing options listed below will help to minimize those dangers.

Simple Practice

SimplePractice is a highly rated practice management platform designed for small business owners in the health and wellness industry. SimplePractice’s industry-leading feature set includes a completely paperless intake process, custom notes and forms, free appointment reminders (SMS, email, and voice), a mobile app, e-claim filing, a beautiful client portal, billing and invoicing, and our newest feature: Telehealth! See your clients via HIPAA-compliant video at any time and from any location.

Kareo (a tebra company)

Kareo makes running an independent medical practice easier and more rewarding. We provide the only cloud-based clinical and business management technology platform dedicated to meeting the specific requirements of independent practices. Our software assists you in finding and engaging patients, running a smarter business, providing better care, and getting paid faster.

Kareo Practice Management streamlines your workflow from the front office to back-end billing. It’s simple to use and has been proven effective by the more than 75,000 providers who rely on it for their small practices.

Unlike other companies that designed their products for large medical groups or hospitals, Kareo is designed specifically for the work flows and unique needs of independent practices.


Therabill is an excellent practice management system. The system provides comprehensive documentation, scheduling, and billing solutions for speech-language pathologists, behavioral health specialists, and mental health specialists. Furthermore, Therabill provides billing services to both physical and occupational therapists.


TherapyNotes™ is the most trusted online practice management and EHR software for all sizes of behavioral health practices. They are the largest platform for mental health professionals, with over 60,000 users, offering the most intuitive software and the best customer support in the industry. Their streamlined scheduling, notes, billing, and a custom client portal, as well as unlimited support and superior security, can help you optimize how you manage your practice, allowing you to focus less on administrative tasks and more on the needs of your clients.

Ivy Pay

Ivy Pay only works with qualified, licensed therapists, so you get a low, no-swipe rate without the typical 33% no-swipe markup. Ivy Pay’s HIPAA-compliant design is guaranteed by a signed Business Associate Agreement, ensuring that you are fully compliant. Ivy Pay makes it simple for clients to put a card on file, ensuring that you are paid.

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