You’ll see more clients walk through the door if you make it simple for prospective clients to schedule their initial appointment.

This is a service you offer to your customers to make scheduling treatment appointments easier for them, not just a marketing tactic.

You can give them access to an online therapy scheduling option that enables them to see the solution for themselves rather than forcing them to scour the website for information or make a call to your office in order to learn more. Use that page to answer frequently asked questions about your availability, schedule, and how fast people may make an appointment with you.

Online scheduling options can occasionally persuade a client who isn’t sure whether they want to attend treatment to give it a try. Here are some of our top scheduler choices below:


Calendly is your go-to resource for setting up meetings effectively and professionally, doing away with the burden of back-and-forth emails so you can resume your work. Calendly, which is already known as the leader in easy scheduling for more than 50,000 businesses and 10 million users worldwide, now provides enhanced capabilities for teams with strong collaboration capability, solid administrative controls, and enterprise-grade security and compliance.

It’s understandable why Calendly is favored by organizations like Twilio and eBay as well as Dartmouth and Gartner given its integrations with Zoom, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Slack, Zapier, and more.

Acuity Scheduling

It works far better than a personal assistant for scheduling. Booking meetings with your clients and customers no longer has to be a time-consuming hassle thanks to Acuity Scheduling. Allow your clients to book you in advance using Square, Stripe, or Paypal, choose the time and date that works best for them, and even cancel or reschedule on their own, all without you having to exert yourself to the limit.

Simple Practice

Small business entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry can use SimplePractice, a platform for managing practices that has received excellent reviews. The entirely paperless intake process, personalized notes & forms, free appointment reminders (SMS, email, & voice), mobile app, e-claim filing, a lovely client portal, billing & invoicing, and our newest feature: Telehealth are just a few of SimplePractice’s industry-leading features. See your clients through HIPAA-compliant video whenever and wherever you like!

Yellow Schedule

A web-based patient CRM management and online appointment scheduling application for mental health providers is called YellowSchedule. By using the software, healthcare administrators can increase profits, attract new clients, reschedule appointments, and eliminate appointment no-shows.

By giving realtime connectivity with the customer’s website and permitting customisation of elements like rates, appointment lengths, and staff working hours, YellowSchedule enables users to book their appointment online well in advance. Along with preserving a history of all client conversations, the program also has real-time communication features that enable ad hoc communications with patients at their registered addresses or phone numbers. By establishing permissions based on roles and providing client services according to clients’ locations, the program provides enterprise level user administration.

Therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, fitness instructors, and other professions, as well as caregiving organizations like clinics, hospital groups, universities, and financial institutions, can benefit from using YellowSchedule. The solution supports interaction with third-party applications like Facebook, Stripe, Google Calendar, WordPress, and Drupal. Helix Health, Go Daddy, Goodlife Fitness, and UCLA are a few of its most important clients.


It is the most adaptable, complete appointment scheduling tool for business owners, SMEs, and professionals. Make making appointments a simple procedure. On your website, enable self-booking for your consumers. In your daily schedule, remove double bookings, provide automated reminders, and include buffer times. Easily hold one-on-one and group meetings both online and in person. By using automated calendar syncing, you can keep track of your schedule and never be late for work.


Carepatron is an easy-to-use and secure EHR platform that enables teams, corporations, and healthcare providers to collaborate and interact more effectively. Users can manage clinical documentation, patient records, appointments, funds, and clients in this consolidated healthcare workplace. Clinical notes, medical records, and patient information may all be created, stored, and sent from one location.

Through SMS and email appointment reminders as well as calendar synchronization, Carepatron also streamlines how they arrange and manage appointments. They can use medical coding, create and distribute bills and invoices, and rapidly process payments thanks to the EHR platform. Using patient portals, mobile health applications, and telehealth applications, they will be able to streamline administrative procedures, improve patient communication, and enhance the delivery of healthcare.

Through video conferencing, Carepatron enables doctors to communicate and engage with their patients from a distance. Additionally, thanks to artificial intelligence-powered speech-to-text technology, they can reliably and swiftly record information and write clinical notes.

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