Capture more clients on the phone when implenting an effective call-answering service for your therapy practice.

When it comes to mental health procedures and patient accessibility, the advantages of a qualified and trustworthy psychologist answering service are substantial. Save up to 35% by getting reasonable call support for therapist and psychologist offices.

The majority of Americans (almost 60%) prefer to communicate over the phone, but 53% get frustrated if they don’t instantly speak to a live person.

Over half of your patients may become frustrated if no one is there to answer the phone. It’s possible that at least some of them will hunt for another office they can contact.

You may prevent this issue and keep those patients in your office with the use of a psychologist answering service.


Ruby is a suite of virtual receptionist services for live chat and callers from Ruby Receptionists in Portland. It is available around-the-clock and may be customized to meet the needs of the user for during business hours, after hours, or weekend chat and call assistance. In an increasingly digital world, they seek to give small businesses the services, goods, and data they require to manage client relationships and deliver excellent experiences.

Based on corporate requirements, Ruby services provide virtual reception phone answering, live chat, and bundled services that give users access to both call and live chat management.

well received

Medical professionals can access WellReceived’s medical reception services around-the-clock. Healthcare practitioners can provide patients with expert and caring call handling around-the-clock thanks to their range of services. WellReceived makes sure every caller gets the attention they deserve, from after-hours coverage to scheduling appointments, freeing up medical professionals to spend more time with their patients.

MAP Communications

A number of locations on the US east coast, as well as in the UK and New Zealand, house the answering service MAP Communications. With more than 5 different locations, MAP is one of the biggest call centers available. They also have one of the largest teams of virtual receptionists. In addition to taking calls, MAP can fill out web forms, record orders, transfer calls, and—for those who require it—are bilingual.

Although MAP offers tier-based services, which makes their discounted pricing for smaller firms quite affordable, their overall charges are more than the industry average for a non-specialized answering service.


Anserve Inc., a well-known provider of phone answering services, provides small businesses with expert answering services. Anserve provides state-of-the-art local answering services, order taking services, medical, lawyer, and doctor answering service, bilingual services, and several other inbound and outbound tele-services when it comes to providing high quality small business answering services. Get 24/7 professional answering services for your company, and use their fully digital Pinnacle system to grow your company.

Speciality Answering Service

In order to keep your clients impressed throughout the day, SAS is a live telephone answering service that integrates all of your business communications with fantastic virtual receptionists. Everyday.

Since SAS has been operating call centers for for 30 years, we have earned a well-deserved reputation as the best. Every caller receives nothing less than the best service thanks to their agents’ double the amount of training compared to the industry average and our quality control systems. We assist companies like yours in generating pleased clients.

They deliver top-notch customer service and have everything you could possibly need.

answer MTI

Since 1982, AnswerMTI, a reputable live telephone answering service, has offered cost-effective customer care solutions. You need a competitive advantage in the fast-paced world of today, and leaving voicemail messages for clients or potential consumers won’t do. Even on nights, weekends, and holidays, our devoted staff of professionals provides constant phone answering service. You can use us to handle your call overflow requirements or forward your calls to us 24 hours a day, after business hours.

Answering Service Care

For 3000+ companies countrywide, including legal firms, doctors’ offices, insurance companies, financial advising firms, and many more, (ASC) provides a live answering service that is available around-the-clock. ASC has about 200 people spread among its four offices in WA, NJ, NC, and FL, with more than 45 years of expertise. As a third-generation family firm, ASC was founded with a strong people-centered corporate culture. Many of its partnerships have endured for more than 20 years.

Answering Service Care offers qualified customer service agents that can answer the phone, take leads, set up appointments, transfer calls, and immediately convey messages. An answering service can be useful for companies of any size and in any sector. Your calls will be answered by experts with industry experience and training who are skilled at handling  questions from all your customers.

Answer Hero

AnswerHero™ is a market-leading answering service that offers excellent answering services to keep your business running smoothly. Our 365 days a year operation, fully multilingual employees, and cutting edge technology guarantee that all of your calls are answered with the utmost professionalism and business class, supporting the expansion of your business.

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