About Sarah O'Brien

Sarah O'Brien is a psychotherapist, LCSW, licensed in 2 states; Virginia and Maryland. She holds certifications for clinical anxiety treatment (CCATP) and telemental health treatment (CTMH). She specializes in Anxiety Disorders, Substance Use Disorders and non-using Partner/Spouse, PTSD/Relational Trauma, relationship issues and developing healthy friendships and relationships. Her practice is mostly virtual and she sees clients college-age and up.

Healthcare on Hiatus: Burnout on all fronts

2022-12-17T11:18:51-05:00Saturday, December 17, 2022|

Nurses, medical doctors, and mental health therapists are tired! So tired, in fact, many are leaving the healthcare industry in droves. Nationwide nurse shortage. Doctors over worked. Don’t get me started ...

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