About Hannah Kolodner

Hannah Kolodner, LCSW, is a PhD Candidate in Social Work at the Catholic University of America. In her clinical work, Hannah prides herself for providing compassionate and evidence-based clinical care. She has worked with clients facing a wide diversity of challenges including Anxiety, Depression, Mood Lability, Grief, Loss, Stress and more. She enjoys supporting clients through interpersonal milestones such as relationships, intimacy, divorce, re-coupling, reconciliation and other momentous life events. Personally, Hannah is committed to honoring the mind-body connection. Mindfulness practices, yoga, exercise, nutrition and time spent enjoying the outdoors are all activities that work well in tandem with therapy! She encourages clients to embrace healthful living practices that work in concert with their therapeutic goals, personal values and spiritual values. Hannah is a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, a horse-mom, a dog mom, an avid hiker, and an amateur chef.

Validation Amidst Conflict

2022-12-17T10:06:13-05:00Saturday, December 17, 2022|

Many couple systems struggle with how to validate their partner’s feelings when navigating a disagreement. The constructs seem at odds and out of reach to many. How can I endorse your ...

Gaslighting: The 2022 Word of the Year

2022-11-30T10:57:11-05:00Wednesday, November 30, 2022|

“Gaslighting” was recently named the 2022 Merriam-Webster Dictionary Word of the year. Have we finally found a word that aptly names a common social phenomenon? The recently updated definition currently ...

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