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  • As a therapist, you’ve probably talked a lot about limiting beliefs with your clients, but have you taken much time to examine your own—and how they might be affecting your well-being? What is truly in your heart and soul, and what is just noise that’s been ingrained in you? Are you able to tell the difference? Although it takes work, we can interrupt the patterns in our brains and reprogram the way we think. We can make the heal­ing choice to release the ingrained messages that we are not good enough and replace those messages with more empowering ones.

    I am going to help you rewrite the stories that no longer serve you. To begin, create a list of the top three limit­ing beliefs you are struggling with right now. These can be beliefs you’ve been holding on to since childhood, or they can be beliefs you are struggling with at this moment. Your limiting beliefs might be related to your career, your finances, your love life, your family, your health, or your worldview. As a tip, if you aren’t sure what a limiting belief sounds like, they commonly begin with “I don’t,” “I can’t,” “I should,” “I

    Published On: Wednesday, June 19, 20244.8 min read