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A superbill is a receipt that you provide to clients so they can work out reimbursement with their insurance.  Although it may seem like a giant scary receipt, having a template can simplify the task for you.  Use our easy superbill template and watch how it takes nearly no time to fill out for clients to help make your services more accessible!

Use our new calculator below to check in on the health of your business to see if you’re charging the right amount, need more sessions, or perhaps have another professional source of revenue.

Just in time for taxes, we put together a handy checklist to track your deductions for the year- reusable for next year too! It’s so important for self-employed therapists, whether in private practice or contracted through an agency, to keep track of expenses that will save you money.

Establishing a successful therapy practice can be challenging. Rather than selling a product, you’re selling a service to your customers. In the healthcare industry, selling services relies heavily on building a trusting and long-lasting relationship with clients.

Marketing, branding, business. All of these new parts of being a therapist are popping up, whether we go private practice route or not. If you’re struggling with marketing, you’re not alone.

Paperwork can be a cumbersome part of the therapist job. You love the personal interactions, but may find yourself putting off documentation tasks. A treatment plan is a vital part of the therapy process and can be a great resource.

If you’re working to establish your private practice, you may worry about standing out and reaching potential clients. Going out on your own means marketing your practice and building a loyal client base.

Starting your private counseling practice is an exciting time! You have an opportunity to build something of your own and follow your dreams. It’s normal to worry about messing up or missing an important step. That’s why we created this checklist to simplify and break down the tasks involved.

This reference guide compiles a detailed list of words and phrases to summarize therapeutic interventions. When completing the necessary documentation for therapy sessions, it can be time-consuming and challenging to communicate clearly and precisely.

This easy and quick visual mind-mapping tool can be used for brainstorming before each session, or at the start of a long day of continuous sessions. Use it to log the goals you plan to address, resources and materials you’ll need, and topics you want to discuss.

We’ve collected daily media opportunities sourced from Help A Reporter Out (HARO). Each day we go through all the opportunities and present opportunities specifically for mental health providers.We encourage you to register and then log in daily to see if there are relevant media opportunities for you to help a reporter with your knowledge and expertise as a mental health professional.

The American Psychological Association recommends including a social media policy in your informed consent process.Your social media policy should explain to your clients why you have a social media policy in the first place. Be clear that it’s not because you don’t trust them; in fact, it’s the opposite…

In this expansive and in-depth webinar, Marcus Rodriguez interviews Dr. Justine Grosso, PSYD, Media Contributor, and Corporate Wellness Speaker. Dr. Justine will walk you through everything walk through everything you need to know to get started creating online courses and growing your social media presence…

We’re excited to offer Professional Development Support Groups for Therapists currently in the Belongly network.The intention of these groups is to provide a safe space for peer mentorship utilizing the knowledge, energy, and expertise of the participants to give support and direction for up-leveling and enhancing clinical effectiveness.

We’re building a comprehensive, free PDF eBook of tips, tricks, and techniques, to help mental health professionals be more profitable, provide better care to their clients, master the business of running their business and improve the efficiencies of their practice… And we’d love your help.

Webinar: How to build a thriving mental health practice.

In this expansive and in-depth webinar, Marcus Rodriguez interviews Sara Makin, the Founder, and CEO of Makin Wellness. Sara grew Makin Wellness from a solo practice to one of the fastest-growing tele-mental health practices in Pennsylvania.

5 FREE email templates designed to make communicating with your clients easier and more consistent.

These templates ensure you can easily and consistently communicate with your clients around topics such as appointment confirmations, updates to your insurance, new rate alerts, and more.

Psychologists and other mental health care providers are now (as of January 1, 2022) required by law to give uninsured and self-pay patients a good faith estimate of the costs for services.

To be successful as a mental health professional in today’s environment, it’s increasingly important to be aware of the tools and resources that can run a thriving practice.

Whether you’re just opening the doors to your private practice or have a thriving business to run, blogging and article writing are great ways to gain exposure and attract new clients. At Belongly, we’re inviting mental health professionals to submit their articles for distribution…

We invite you to explore the Belongly mental health glossary of diagnoses and commonly used terms. Included, please find definitions for commonly used terms. You’re welcome to submit your own or suggest a correction…

Ready to join our incredible
community of mental health

 Belongly is secure. At this time, we are only accepting US-based therapists.


Ready to join our incredible
community of mental health

 Belongly is secure. At this time, we are only accepting US-based therapists.