About Dr. Heather Sheets

Hi, I’m Dr. Heather Sheets, a psychologist with a passion to change the lives of women and men struggling with life transitions, relational issues, depression, and/or anxiety. I’ve spent 15 years as a licensed clinical psychologist with a unique mixture of psychotherapy experience and leadership and executive training in both public and private practice. Learn more about me and my services.  Arlington, Virginia , 22207 Visit my Website

Not on My Menu

2022-11-20T12:38:50-05:00Sunday, November 20, 2022|

Last November was a season of loss for me. Big losses, little losses, just loss. The saddest loss was the death of my 94-year-old Nana. Not an unexpected death given her ...

My Summer Lull

2022-08-17T12:53:11-04:00Wednesday, August 17, 2022|

The Hamster Wheel of Summer Summer is often a time of year people make plans and goals about specifically not having plans and goals. Bedtimes thrown out the window, diets relaxed ...

Timing is Everything

2022-08-10T17:59:57-04:00Thursday, August 4, 2022|

But the timing was perfect… In late February, I took my kids skiing for the first time, accompanied by a mom friend and her son. I was so excited to ...

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